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Danny Edwards dreaded this day. It was a day that most people thought was celebratory, Danny though it was the worst day of the year. February 14, or Valentine’s Day as its known, was a day Danny couldn’t stand, because…well, he was jealous. He was jealous of everyone enjoying the day with their lovers and loved ones, while he was all alone all the time. He was currently a sophomore in college at Louis University, and although he didn’t mind being away from his parents, Danny couldn’t help but feel alone there. He didn’t have many friends at the University, mostly because he was rusty at making new ones. All of his childhood friends were back home, several hundreds of miles away, while he just sat alone in his dorm room, feeling miserable as his alarm clock began to go off. He had a habit of waking up about an hour before his alarm clock would ring, which made him frequently tired, as he was something of a night owl. His life was a boring wreck, at least that’s how he viewed it. If he didn’t have any homework to do or project to work on, he would just play whatever album he had on his computer, and listen to his vast musical library for the rest of the day.
Danny had tried to get a girlfriend several times, but the only ones that talked to him were already taken, and he didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s love affairs. Danny was at least smart enough to know that meddling in things like that would only lead to further trouble. Danny also had a habit of tripping over his own words at times, especially when he talked to girls, but his biggest problem was the simple fact that he couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to most of them. Hell, he’d never been on an official date before in his life! However, he did have a girlfriend at one point. He knew her during his high school days, yet she moved to a different state after she graduated, and with Danny being a year younger, couldn’t do much about it, since he still had a year of high school left. He still cursed himself for not asking her out on a date, yet he was frequently shy around her, just like he was whenever a girl was nearby him. Danny simply struck out every time he was up to bat.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Danny stopped looking at his computer screen, startled that someone would actually come to visit him or talk to him on a day like this. Danny opened the door and to his surprise, a girl was standing there! More accurately, his classmate, Amber, was standing there. She was Danny’s age, stood at 5ft. 5in. (about Danny’s height), had long brown hair, blue eyes, and decently sized breasts. Danny estimated them to be about a B cup, but he wasn’t an expert in cup sizes; he wasn’t enough of a pervert to memorize women’s breast sizes. After a brief silence, Danny finally spoke up. “What’s up, Amber?”
“Not much,” she answered. “I just wanted to see if you were doing anything tonight.” Danny could’ve lied and said he had something else to do, but he figured that this would be one of the few chances he would get to talk to Amber, since he never got a chance during their class together.
“No, I’m not doing anything tonight. At least, I don’t have anything planned,” said Danny somewhat sheepishly.
“Sounds great! Hey, is that a Nintendo 64?” asked Amber excitedly.
“What?! Oh, that thing. I’ve kinda forgotten about it, since most of the games I have are multiplayer and nobody comes to visit me in here, so I haven’t played it much.”
“You wanna play some games?” asked Amber with a slight smile.
“Games? With you? Sure!” exclaimed Danny as he hooked the system up to his TV set. “What games do you want to play? I’ve got Star Wars: Episode I – Racer, Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Pokemon Snap, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Super Smash Bros.”
“Actually,” Amber cut him off. “What about those games in the back of that case over there on the shelf?”
“You mean these?” asked Danny as he pulled out his first-person shooter game collection, which included Quake, Quake II, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and the coup-de-grace, Mortal Kombat 4. Danny knew this wasn’t a first-person shooter game, but he still kept it with them due to its violent nature. “You want to play these? Really?” asked Danny, a little shocked.
“Yes, those are my favorites!” said Amber with an excited approval.
“Okay,” answered Danny with a shrug as he popped the cartridge of Quake II into the Nintendo 64.
After four hours of competitive back and forth action, Danny noticed the ice had broken between them. Amber was ultimately declared the winner, as she beat Danny, winning seven games to Danny’s six. Danny would be among the first to admit that he wasn’t exactly the best gamer in the world, but he was surprised at how good Amber was at these games. Even though the scores in the win-loss column were nearly even, it certainly didn’t seem like that during play, as whenever Danny won, he just barely squeaked by. Whenever Amber won, she flat out dominated him during gameplay.
“Man, you’re good,” said Danny, obviously impressed by Amber’s skill. “I’m surprised that you liked these kinds of games so much. I thought you’d be much more into Pokemon Snap or something like that.”
“Well, I do have a fondness for that game, ‘cause I’m a sucker for cute things,” replied Amber with a cute smile. “However, I simply have more fun during the kinds of games where you get to blow stuff up!”
Danny smiled in response. “Say no more!” he said. “You want me to show you something?”
“Well, let me pull up a chair for you and let’s watch some fails together!” replied Danny with a grin. However, when he reactivated his laptop from its sleep, he forgot that he had left it on Danny was a little embarrassed, since he didn’t tell anyone that he was a furry. “Oops, heh-heh,” muttered Danny with an obvious blush. “You didn’t need to see that.” Strangely, Amber didn’t bat an eyelash, she simply responded with an “it’s alright,” although Danny could have sworn he saw a smile creeping into the sides of her mouth.
After the fail marathon had ended, and their sides began to hurt from the constant wincing and laughing, the two began to settle down for a little bit. As they settled down, Danny began to think about Amber and asked her a few questions. “Amber, what hall do you live in?”
“Rian Hall,” she responded.
“You live in here? I didn’t know that” said Danny with a slightly shocked tone.
“Yeah, I’ve been here since my sophomore year began.”
“Me too! It’s kind of eerie how many things we have in common,” said Danny.
“Yeah, it is kind of strange…” muttered Amber as her voice drifted off.
“Is something wrong?” asked Danny concernedly.
“No, it’s fine,” replied Amber with a slight smile.
“You sure?” said Danny with concern.
“Yeah, I’m fine” replied Amber with a slightly angry tone.
“Alright, then” said Danny as his thoughts began to drift again. “Wait, how did you find me, anyway?” asked Danny with a slight edge to his voice.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, how did you know I was in this room when we never see each other outside of class.” Danny was careful not to raise his voice so that he wouldn’t make her angry or get into a fight or argument with her. “My first name is on the door, but there are several other Danny’s here on campus, and I never told you which room I live in, and I know you don’t know any of my friends, so how did you find out?” Amber drew in a long sigh and then looked Danny in the eyes and said, “Can I show you something outside?”
Danny was taken a little aback by this, but he still agreed.  “Sure, although it’s starting to get dark outside and you may need a jacket.”
“Nah, I’ll be alright” Amber replied with a carefree tone.
“What?! Are you sure? I could give you one of my jackets, or a sweatshirt? I swear there’s no pizza stains on them!” Danny said with a grin.
“That’s gross!” replied Amber with a smile. “But, I’ll still have to turn you down.”
“If you insist, but don’t say I didn’t offer you.”
“You didn’t offer me.” Amber smiled as she walked out the door with Danny following suit. After a while they had made their way downstairs to the first floor of Rian Hall, where they exited out the back door instead of the front. This was particularly interesting, since the back door faced a small section of nearby woods that was just outside campus boundaries. As they faced the snow-covered woods, Amber turned to Danny and said two words: “Race Ya!”
Amber took off with a speed Danny had seen very few people run with, especially in the snow. Danny attempted to keep up with her; however, he knew he had no chance in hell of reaching her, wherever she was now. “Curse this cellulite!” jokingly thought Danny, as he was frequently overweight. He wasn’t obese, but he wouldn’t exactly make the cover of a fitness magazine, either. He also had hearing problems in his right ear since birth, but he wasn’t too worried about that. All that mattered to Danny right now was to catch up to Amber and see what she wanted to show him. “Yeah, right, I can’t see anything now!” thought Danny as the last few rays of sunshine faded away and nightfall had taken their place. As Danny finally reached the center of the woods, he collapsed onto the ground, as he was out of breath due to all the running. “I always had an endurance problem,” thought Danny as he caught his breath. “Amber! Where are you?” called out Danny.
“I’m right here,” responded a voice from behind, startling Danny.
“Woah, jeez, Amber, you scared me!” Danny was obviously shaken by the surprise.
“I’m sorry! I tend to do that sometimes,” confessed Amber, who was now naked for some reason.
“Alright now, what did you want to show me, why are you naked, and how did you know where my room was?” demanded Danny as he covered his eyes.
Amber simply looked calm, and said with a whisper, “Why don’t I show you?” From there, Amber began to change. She began to grow taller, until she was about 6ft. 5in. Dark brown fur, which matched the color of her long hair, began to spread all over her skin, as her fingers and toes began growing claws in place of nails and pads began to form on the bottoms of the hands and feet. Muscles began grow in size all over her body, however, she did not have the look of a steroid freak or bodybuilder, rather, she simply looked more strong and fit than the average human. The fur continued to grow over her upper body and face, as her chest increased in size until they were about D cups and her face pushed out into a muzzle with a wet, black nose and her ears grew to the top of her head and became pointy triangles. Her eyes also changed into a golden color far removed from their normal, icy blue. Finally, a medium-length tail grew out her back side, with brown fur on the top and white fur underneath. Much to Danny’s shock, Amber was a werewolf!
Danny just stood there in shock as he couldn’t believe what he just saw. He was at a complete loss for words. He just stood there shivering, quaking in fear at the sight of the awesomely powerful creature that stood before him. Amber then slowly began to walk towards Danny, with her right arm stretched out as she didn’t even say a word, apart from a guttural growl or two. As she began to inch closer and closer to Danny, all he could do was put his arms up in front of his face again like a coward, shut his eyes, and scream, fearing for the worst. However, all he felt was the soft touch of paws on his head, almost like someone was petting him. Then he heard a soft, but deep voice laugh at Danny’s expense. “Wha…” uttered Danny as he put his arms down to find Amber laughing while petting him on the head.
“What’s so funny?” angrily asked Danny. “What if your boyfriend did this to you, huh? What if he turned into a big, hairy creature that you thought would eat you whole? Amber stopped laughing and responded. “I’d very much like that, well, apart from the “eating me” part.” Amber’s voice had noticeably deepened, yet still retained a soft tone, which proved its femininity. “I thought you’d be excited to see me like this,” said Amber as Danny began nervously pacing back and forth.
“Well, I do like wolves, but this is a little hard for me to take in at first!” responded Danny hysterically. Amber drew in a deep sigh and said quietly, “Look, Danny, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you this much. I thought you’d be happy to finally find that werewolves do exist!”
“Wait, how did you know about that? HOW DO YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT ME!” Danny looked to be nearing a nervous breakdown as tears began to form at the edges of his eyes. Amber put her paws on Danny’s shoulders and ordered him to relax. “Relax? How can I, when..” “Just look into my eyes,” quietly demanded Amber. Danny looked into her golden yellow eyes. Despite those being the colors that one wouldn’t associate with humans, they did have a soothing quality to them. They weren’t the eyes of a killer. “Alright, now take a deep breath.” Danny breathed in and out. “Again,” said Amber in that quiet, yet strong tone. Finally, Danny had calmed down and relaxed.
“Man, I never thought Peter Gabriel knew what he was talking about,” said Danny quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” asked Amber.
“Haven’t you ever heard his song, “In Your Eyes”? It was one of his biggest hits.”
“Oh!” Amber instantly got Danny’s reference to the 1980’s classic song, and she chuckled a bit. “Now, since you’ve calmed down, I will tell you everything.”
“Don’t worry, I’m all ears!”
“Now then, as a werewolf, I have special powers. The obvious ones are the wolf form and extra strength and speed, but I also have stronger vision, so I can see during the night. I can hear better out of both ears, I have increased sense of smell and taste, which is how I figured out which room you were in. All I had to do was hone in on your scent, and the rest was easy.”
There was a short period of silence, and then Danny said what he felt he should have said for a long time. “Amber,” he sighed, “I’m sorry.” Amber looked like she was very understanding, but Danny didn’t stop there. “I just feel like such an idiot and like such an asshole that I just want to kick myself sometimes and…” he was cut off by Amber putting a finger to his mouth.
“Don’t worry,” she said soothingly, “I understand. Your apology is accepted.” As soon as she took her finger away from his mouth, Danny did something he had never done before. Danny embraced her with a big hug, while burying his face in her fur. “I love you,” Danny whispered as tears began falling down his face. Amber smiled as she heard those words. “I know,” she responded. “That’s why I chose you to be my mate.”
“What?” asked Danny as he pried his face away from her body. “That’s another power I have. I can see certain things inside people, or I can sense them, at least. I can see what lies inside a certain person at times, whether they’re good or evil, like chocolate or vanilla, things like that. And what I saw in you, I liked the most.”
“You really mean that?” asked Danny as he broke his embrace with her.
“Yes,” responded confident Amber.
“Well, then, I accept to be your mate,” agreed Danny. “But first…” Danny grabbed Amber and kissed her on the muzzle. Amber, while shocked at first, quickly returned the favor as the two shared a passionate embrace together. However, their love was cut short by a howling heard in the air. Amber instantly was on her guard, for she knew what the cry meant. Danny while not quite as ready as Amber also knew what the howls meant. “Coyotes,” they said simultaneously. The coyotes had been wreaking havoc in the woods area in recent nights with their howls and growls being heard from Rian Hall dorm windows for the past several weeks.
“Danny, climb up that tree, this could get messy” instructed Amber. “But I can’t climb!” complained Danny. “Shit,” muttered Amber as she picked Danny up and placed him on her back. Amber jumped towards the top of the tree, and placed Danny there as she jumped back down to face the nearby adversaries. Several coyotes were in the area, and they all formed a circle around what they considered to be a fellow predator intruding on their turf. One by one, they attacked Amber as she fought them off, with tooth and claw. However, the numbers game was quickly becoming apparent as Amber was being piled on by dozens of coyotes.
Danny stayed at the top of the tree where he could see the fight below. He noticed that they were starting to get to Amber after a while. Yet, what could an overweight, weak, 19 year-old do against a pack of coyotes looking for their dinner? “Heck, I’ll be their dinner if I don’t do something soon!” thought Danny as his mind raced to think of something to help Amber. “Come on! Think, you bastard! You two confess your love for each other and only one of you is fighting?” Danny knew he couldn’t climb down, so he did the only thing he could do: jump into the fray himself. Danny jumped from the tree top all the way down to where a few coyotes were standing, as they were waiting to get their turn. He managed to land on top of one of them, but that turned out to be a mistake, as while he succeeded in hurting one of them, the others were in perfect shape to devour him! “Oh, no…” though Danny as the fear in his mind began to race.
Amber was still fighting against the circle of coyotes when she heard Danny scream. That was all she needed to hear, as she roared with a massive fury and began flinging coyotes everywhere.  Amber began to piledrive through the circle of death as she came across the horrifying sight of Danny attempting to fight off two coyotes while lying on his back. He was clearly wounded, yet he still refused to give in and be food for them! That was all the motivation needed as Amber saw the coyotes sink their teeth into him, while trying to rip the flesh off of his body. Amber roared again, this time grabbing the attention of the two coyotes. The two coyotes saw that they were clearly outmatched, and ran away with the other pack members.
“Yeah, go back to Phoenix where you came from!” joked Danny weakly, as his right leg was clearly bleeding profusely. “Danny!” uttered Amber with scared concern. Danny had noticed that most of Amber’s wounds were starting to heal. “Amber,” said Danny, his voice getting weaker with every word. “I still love you, my mate.” Danny smiled, as Amber tried to think of a solution. Amber knew Danny would die from his wounds in just a few seconds unless she took action. The only action she knew. Amber bit Danny on the shoulder, while licking his shoulder wound immediately after the bite, since werewolf saliva carried a venom inside that could allow humans to become one of them. After the bite was applied, Danny fell silent as he closed his eyes and went off into sleep.
Danny saw that he was now on a hill in a beautiful grassy area, with blue skies and a forest off in the distance. In the forest area, he noticed some kind of dog standing by the entranceway to the area. As he began to reach the dog, the dog began to run deeper into the forest, with Danny giving pursuit. However, no matter how fast Danny ran, he could never catch up to it, even when he ran into the heart of the forest. After taking a stop to catch his breath, Danny overheard a voice in his head. “Do you really love her?” it asked. “Love who? Amber? Of course I do! I will do anything to get back to her!” swore Danny.  “Anything?” asked the voice again. “Anything,” sighed Danny. “Well, welcome back to the WORLD OF THE LIVING!” boomed the voice as a brown and black furred wolf burst out of the forest and bit Danny on the neck, ripping out his throat in the process.
Amber howled mournfully at the loss of her mate, cursing herself for bringing him out on this night. She couldn’t bear to think of what people’s reaction to his death would be, and even worse, it was all her fault! Amber slowly began to walk away from his body, as she needed some time alone to think about the situation, when suddenly the two coyotes had returned, and they’d brought more reinforcements! Amber growled at the sight of them, rage boiling red into her usually golden eyes. “You took away my mate,” she growled with an unprecedented fury. “Now, I’ll take away your lives!” The phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn” doesn’t even begin to describe the onslaught of brutality brought by Amber as she tore through the waves of coyotes, ripping through their blood and fur. She would make them pay for what they’d done! However, the coyotes began to wear down on her once more, and she was soon beginning to run out of energy. As she began slowing down, a scary thought crept into her mind. “What if I deserve this?” Amber thought. “What if I deserve to die this way, because I’d let my mate die?” Amber began to think this over and prepared to give herself freely to the coyotes so she would be reunited with her mate, when suddenly a powerful howl echoed across the woods, sending shivers down the coyotes’ spines. Amber paused when she heard that howl. It sounded so similar to her own. “Could it be?” she pondered, as she saw a creature dart through the trees. When the creature finally appeared, it didn’t even let the coyotes budge, as the creature instantly began to slaughter them all. None of them stood a chance, until they briefly retreated for a few moments. It was during this brief reprieve that Amber finally got to look at her savior. It was clearly a male werewolf, standing at 6ft. 11in., with brown and black fur, and muscles looking like they were sculpted onto a statue. The werewolf looked at Amber, and smiled. “My mate,” he said with a sigh.
Amber couldn’t believe her ears when she heard the voice. “Danny?”
“The one and only,” he said with a smile.
“Oh, Danny boy!” she cried as she hugged him.
“Uh, could you never call me that again?” asked Danny as he returned the favor.
“Anytime, my mate. Anytime.” However, their joy was short-lived as the coyotes returned for one last stand. Amber and Danny broke their embrace and nodded their heads at each other simultaneously, as if they both knew what they would do. They both roared from the bottom of their hearts, the pit of their stomachs, the bowels of their lungs. The coyotes quickly ran off into the farthest reaches of the area, never again would they trouble these woods. Danny and Amber both collapsed to the ground after their roaring efforts finally proved fruitful. Danny to his mate, and said “Now, there is something that I want to do.” Amber turned towards him, but never got the chance to ask as he kissed her with his tongue. Amber quickly returned the favor as the two began to share a love-filled night together for the first time as mates.
After a while, Danny and Amber had both settled down and had leaned against a large tree.
“You know, morning’s going to be coming up soon,” warned Amber.
“Yeah, that kind of sucks,” responded Danny as he saw Amber nod in approval. “Amber, did you ever hear of a TV show called Wolf’s Rain?”
“No, I haven’t. Is it any good? Is it a romance?”
“Yes, to both questions. You see, there’s a character called Hige, who’s a wolf that can disguise himself as a human, and he eventually falls in love with a half-wolf named Blue, and they form a relationship together, despite Blue’s “Father” hating wolves and the whole world starts ending around them.”
“Wow, is there more to it?”
“A lot more,” said Danny with a smile as he started to prepare for the mating ritual.
“Oh, no you don’t, big guy!” joked Amber as they continued to enjoy their first Valentine’s Day in a while.

The End
This is by far my best story ever! A truckload of work went into this, and then some! Enjoy a story about two lovers, plus werewolves! I recommend you download this, so it'll be easier to read.
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Mystic-Tir-na-nOg Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student Writer
Aw that was really good!! It be nice if things like that would actually happen lol and the mention of wolf's rain was a cute scene hehe of course I have to mention that :3
Rocker234 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Thanks. I may rewrite this for this year. If not, I'll write a new story similar to this one, but with a few twists. So far, I'm leaning towards the former, 'cause college is starting to be a big pain. :/
Mystic-Tir-na-nOg Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student Writer
Aw but it be neat to see like a mini series of it! I understand how little time there is tho :( growing up sucks....
Rocker234 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Indeed it does.... :(
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