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Dave was for the most part, a casual gamer. He never really got hyped up for any new game or game system that much. However, he did have a soft spot for certain franchises like Jak and Daxter, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sly Cooper. His favorite of each series was, Jak II, Sonic Adventure II, and Sly 2: Band of Thieves. He had also beaten them all, and was curious to see if there were any possible "Easter Egg" surprises hidden in any of these games. He couldn't find any on his first tries with Jak or Sonic, but when he got to the Jailbreak level of Sly 2, a funny thing happen on the way to the loading screen.  There had been several lightning storms in his town for the past several days, yet Dave didn't pay them any mind. During his playing of Sly 2, one of the lightning storms hit just a little too close to his home, as one of the bolts struck the electrical wire that led to his PS2. Since Dave was holding his controller at the time of the strike, he was affected along with his PS2 and television. After the blast had struck, Dave was gone from this world.
Dave woke up inside of his new world, wherever it was.  The first thing he noticed of this strange, new place was how dark it was. He could barely see his own hand in front of his face! Dave stood up and began to feel around, just to see if there was a possible light source anywhere in his vicinity. He fumbled around in the dark for a few moments, until his head bumped into something! That something turned out to be a lamp light hanging from the ceiling of the room he was in. After rubbing his head a few times, Dave turned on the light to reveal a familiar sight. "Wait, I know this place," thought Dave. "I'm inside of the Cooper Gang's van!" After this realization, Dave began to look around, wonder where Sly and the gang were at. He noticed that no one was inside of the van, which was unusual, considering that during the game, there would always be at least one member of the Cooper gang who would stay behind to look after the van. "This is quite strange, indeed," thought Dave as he searched inside the van, looking for anything that would clue him into the Cooper gang's whereabouts.

After checking underneath the round table in the back of their van, Dave noticed something taped onto the bottom of the table. It was a note, written in Sly's handwriting! The note read as follows: "If you are reading this, you are the only one that can be trusted. I have likely failed in my mission to rescue the other members of my gang, as they have been caught by the Contessa's men and may be subjected to her twisted experiments. In order to keep my family's legacy alive, I entrust you with my family's namesake and likeness. But, those things must be earned, as we Coopers are a family of thieves. Although I commend you on your snooping skills to find this note, you must prove yourself worthy of the Cooper name. You must find another note like this one in the area underneath the large stone bridge. Good luck. – Sly."

Dave's mind flooded with worry and fear. He wasn't the most athletic guy in the world, and he was terrible at sneaking around. He tried doing it when he would come upstairs back at home, yet he always found some way to wake one of his parents while doing so. So how was he going to sneak past the Contessa's guards? Not only that, but there was Interpol and Inspector Fox to worry about, too! "But then, why was I brought here? I had to have been here for a reason, right?" Dave asked out loud to no one.  Dave sighed as he made up his mind. "I guess I can't take the easy way out this time." Dave had to do it, for Sly and the Gang.

Dave walked out of the back of the Cooper Van as he began to survey his surroundings. He could see the stone bridge in the distance, but getting there undetected wouldn't be easy. The Contessa had her guards out there, along with her searchlights and tanks on the lookout as well. "Great, how am I going to get past those things? I could get run over or blown to bits!" Dave didn't like his chances, especially considering that Sly had to climb light poles and jump really high in order to evade the tanks. Dave was quite deficient in the jumping category, even his Dad once joked "Whoever said that White Men can't jump was referring to Dave!" He also never climbed a rope in his life either, despite him often excelling in gym class. Dave used to thank his lucky stars that he never had to climb the rope. Now, he wasn't so sure he was so lucky after all. "Man, Sly can do all of these things that I couldn't even come close to doing! I could only wish to do those things!" Dave constantly repeated these complaints in his head, until something clicked. "Wait, I CAN do something that Sly couldn't!" thought Dave with a smile.

Dave hid behind several crevasses and corners of several buildings as he snuck closer and closer to the stone bridge. When he finally got nearby, he noticed that many of the guards overlooking the bridge were on top of the bridge, complete with each of their own personal searchlights. Dave swallowed hard. He wasn't sure if he could take a bullet, even if this was a cartoon-type universe. "Well, I may not be Sly, but I do have a plan!" Dave waited a few moments before he muscled up enough testicular fortitude to execute his plan. "Here goes nothing!" Dave ran out into the open, running around and yelling like a maniac, whilst doing so. The guards on the bridge quickly noticed him (how can you not notice a medium-sized hairy guy running around and screaming like he's on fire for no apparent reason?) Dave noticed the guards were beginning to give chase to him, and he let them. "Good thing they're slow!" thought Dave as he easily began to outrun the guards. After turning several corners, Dave had seeming lost them, until when he ran back to the bridge. Instead of finding an open area, all Dave found was a big, fat, tank waiting for him. "Oh, shit!" uttered Dave as he quickly ran the opposite direction. It was now time to execute the second part of his plan. "Gotta time this right!" thought Dave through clenched teeth as he dove into the water underneath the bridge.

Dave held his breath as long as he could before coming up for air to see if the coast was clear. He was lucky to find that the tank was gone, as were the guards. "They've probably moved to other areas looking for me," thought Dave as he began to swim towards the bridge, finding the next note underneath it.  Dave exhaustedly pulled himself up onto the two small stone ledges underneath the bridge, so he could catch his breath and look at the note Sly left him.

"Congratulations, you made it this far. Although your thieving skills may be questionable, there is no doubt that you have patience and guts to get here. Still, there is one final test you must complete. Go back to Dimitri's nightclub, you'll find a safe hidden in there. Unlock the safe, and you'll be worthy of my family's legacy. Good luck- Sly."
"Great, I barely drive and I don't even know the directions to get to Dimitri's place. It's in France, and I'm currently in Prague, which is in the Czech Republic, if I'm not mistaken." Dave didn't like having to drive, yet he had to finish his "trials" if you could call them that. "Man," thought Dave. "You really are a hard raccoon to work for."
Dave had made his way to Dimitri's nightclub in France. The journey was much easier than expected, considering that the Cooper Van had an autopilot function inside of it that must have been put in by Bentley before he was captured. Even better, the coordinates to Dimitri's nightclub were already in there, so Dave had quite a smooth ride on the way there. During said ride, he got some much needed rest and relaxation after his trials in Prague. After he finally arrived at his destination, Dave noticed that although Dimitri was currently incarcerated, his guards still protected certain parts of the place, including his inner sanctum. Unfortunately, the inner sanctum is where Sly wanted Dave to go. Dave snuck into the nightclub easily, as the security was mostly lax on the outside, but on the inside, (at least, on the side with the inner sanctum) it was quite tight.

Dave managed to sneak underneath the tables present in the area without any trouble, but when he got to the lasers, he had a little trouble. Dave wasn't very flexible, nor was he agile enough to make it through unscathed. "ARRRGHHH!" screamed Dave's mind, yet he only uttered a muffled grunt through clenched teeth and sealed lips as his right leg came into contact with one of the protective lasers. After he had finished the section with the laser tunnels, Dave finally found Dimitri's safe, yet he had to figure out the combination in order to discover its contents inside. "Okay, what was the combination, again? I know this one, I beat Dimitri!" Dave thought as his mind began to race. "I've got it!" thought Dave as he had his own little "eureka!" moment. After entering the proper numerical combination, Dave took the note inside and began to make a hasty getaway. However, although Dave remembered the combination successfully, he failed to think of the silent alarm that alerted Dimitri's guards!

As Dave began to make his way towards his intended exit, he began to wonder where most of the guards were. The lasers were still on, as multiple wounds on his arms and legs indicated, but the guards were missing from the tunnels. Eventually, Dave got his answer as he reached the end of the tunnels. The guards were waiting for him! "Great," thought Dave ruefully, as he decided to charge headfirst at the wall of guards gathered in front of him. Dave ran like an American football player on steroids as he pounded his way through the barrage. Dave broke through after sustaining several bruises and cuts on his face and body, although he limped on his way to the Cooper Gang's van. Dave set the coordinates back to Prague, and the van took off, with the guards giving trail at first, but after the van exited Paris, no one was left to be seen.

Dave, though exhausted, had to know what the final letter from Sly had to say. Dave opened the letter, only to throw it across the van after reading it. "Stupid me, I should have known it wasn't going to be this easy, not with a master thief pulling my strings," fumed Dave. Even though the note was discarded, its contents could easily be read across the distance.
"Bravo, you've found my final note. I commend you for making it so far, but the time has come that we bid farewell. You have proven yourself worthy, yet you do not have the form necessary to carry on my legacy. You must shift into the true form in order to honor my family's legacy and complete your training. Thank You- Sly."
"Shift into my true form, what does he mean by that?" asked Dave as he moped around the back of the van, licking his wounds as the van drove onward towards its destination.
The van had finally pulled up to Prague as it arrived at the gates of the Contessa's lair. Dave still wondered how he was going to rescue Murray and Bentley, especially considering that his wounds from his previous encounters had yet to heal. He also still was lacking Sly's stealthy skills and speed. Heck, Dave's skill set was closer to Murray's more than Sly's. "Enough whining," Dave said to himself, "I have to save them, whether I have Sly's skills or not." No sooner than Dave said this, when a ton of bright lights began shining outside of the van. Dave may not have had Sly's stealth or thief know-how, but he did know when he was surrounded. The guards began knocking at the back doors of the van, which Dave assumed was their way of asking you nicely to surrender. However, that very word wasn't in Dave's dictionary anymore. "I won't surrender, not after all of this," thought Dave as he began to search for a way out. "Damn! I'm trapped!" Dave began to sweat as he began to run out of options, as the Contessa's guards would only be so patient for so long. "Wait! Sly said something about shifting, right?" Dave began to think about shifting, but couldn't come up with anything helpful. He looked at the car seats, the glove box, the gear shift, the radio, the dashboard, the….. "The GEARSHIFT!" screamed Dave as he noticed a hidden lid on the top of the gearshift. The lid resembled the one found on the gearshift in various James Bond cars. Dave flicked the lid open and pressed the button. Instantly, a large smokescreen squirted out of the exhaust pipes of the van, which blinded the guards for several minutes. Inside of the van, a familiar looking cane popped out of the gearshift as Dave grabbed it and held it into the air. "You must shift into the true form in order to honor my family's legacy and complete your training. Thank You- Sly." The memory of Sly's note began to play itself in Dave's head as he finally realized that his training was complete. "No, Sly, thank you," thought Dave as the cane began to glow.

The cane's warm glow began to encompass everything inside of the van as Dave's form began to change. His clothes were actually the first to change, as his shirt turned into a shade of navy blue, complete with a gold turtleneck collar and ¾ length sleeves. Navy blue gloves with gold cuffs materialized onto his hands, along with a navy blue hat on his head. Also appearing on his head was a stereotypical black thief mask (or Lone Ranger mask, if you prefer.) Down below, his sneakers turned into tall, form-fitting navy blue boots, and his belt turned into a golden one, complete with the Cooper family logo. Finally, Dave's pants began to shrink down, until they weren't large enough to be shorts! After the shrinking of the pants, the former pants moved to Dave's left leg and turned into a red pouch and band. Now that his clothing and equipment was set, it was now time to replenish Dave's stamina. The cane continued to glow a bright golden light, as all of Dave's wounds began to heal. After his wounds finished healing, his figure began to change. His stomach began to slim down, losing nearly all of its fat, becoming quite muscular and toned in the process. His thick thighs slimmed down as well, just without losing any muscle. Dave's arms also slightly thinned out, becoming moderately longer. Finally, it was time for the finishing touches, as Dave's already plentiful hair grew out some more. Only, instead of in being brown and black hair, it was grey and black fur. His ears began to move towards the top of his head, positioning themselves on opposite sides. His face also pushed out into a small muzzle, complete with ball-shaped black nose. Lastly, Dave began to feel a heavy pressure building up in his lower spinal area, as a large grey and black striped tail forced its way out. As the glow began to dim and eventually fade away, so did most of Dave's memories. Not all of them were lost, as he still remembered his purpose and training, but still he couldn't remember his previous name or his life before he came into the video game world. New memories took most of their places, especially ones about Carmelita. "Ooh, that fox is lovely," thought the raccoon previously known as Dave.

After the smoke finally cleared and the guards resumed their positions, they began to pound on the doors of the Cooper van. Their patience had finally worn thin as the guards busted open the doors to the van. However, when they looked inside, there was no one there! After a brief bout of confusion, the guards began to walk out of the van as they contemplated the possibilities of where the thief could have gone. They didn't need to wonder long, as a dark figure snuck behind one of the guards and quietly disposed of him in the shadows. The figure would resume this practice, one by one, guard by guard, until there was only one left. The lone guard began shivering as fear began to seep its way into his heart. The guard looked all around, yet couldn't find the thief anywhere. Suddenly, the guard heard a loud THUMP as he turned to look at the roof of the Cooper van. There, on top, stood the master thief himself, Sly Cooper. The guard trembled at the sight of him as the master thief struck the guard down with a single swipe of his curved family cane. As rain began to gently fall on the corpses of the deceased guards, the master thief made a vow. "Don't worry, you guys. I'm coming to set you free! Sly Cooper is back!"
The End?
This story I'm not that crazy about, as there isn't much dialogue. However, a buttload of work went into this, so I had no choice but to upload it! Enjoy!
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